Linda Holliman is high energy, funny, full of amazing ideas, and on target. She inspires, motivates, and makes things happen in the classroom. Linda helps you make your classroom an exciting place where learning is happening every minute of every day! 

Thirty years in education has taught me many things. I have been a teacher, consultant, workshop presenter, and author. Through all these experiences, I have learned that you need to know your curriculum, your students, and yourself. You must also be thoughtful and love what you do.

Teaching has never been more challenging than it is today, but we must remember we are there to educate and inspire children. We must be strategic, specific, and rigorous. In my workshops, I share strategies, ideas, and activities that are great for children and great for teachers.

My experience as an educator includes:

  • Teacher of Pre-school, Kindergarten, Transitional 1st, 1st, and 3rd 
  • Substitute teacher 
  • College instructor
  • Author of several books including The Complete Guide To Classroom Centers and Teachin’ Cheap which won a Teacher’s Choice award
  • Currently a presenter for The Bureau of Education and Research 
  • Consulting, presenter of live workshops and webinar presenter

Are you ready to take control of your classroom with new ideas, strategies and activities that make you the CEO of your classroom?
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